Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Motorola Milestone 2 blurry pictures problem

The Motorola Milestone 2 Camera is a deception. It is announced as a 5 Mega pixel flash and autofocus one, but the photo quality is far from being acceptable.

Besides the strange cycle bug, that is, every 45 days the autofocus software would go crazy and you will get blurry photos for 45 days. Then when the 45 days are over the good period begins and you will get 45 days of good shots.

Most people who reported this problem had their smartphone replaced! There is no clear solution for this photo blur problem.
After sometime the images are completely out of focus all the time.

Motorola Milestone 2 Blurry pictures problem

Image taken from the Motorola Support forum

Shoud I buy the Motorola Milestone 2 with this blurry pictures problem?

Happily, I was able to detect this before buying my Motorola :) I've changed my mind to the Motorola Milestone XT720.
Too bad for the Motorola Milestone 2, because the keyboard feature is very atractive.
I'm not saying that all handsets come with this bug, but it could be yours if you'd buy one!

Buy some other smartphone

Some tried a hard reset, firmware update, cleaning lenses with a kind of expensive cloth, but nothing solves this Motorola Milestone 2 blurry pictures problem.
Many are expecting some kind of miraculous upgrade from Motorola that will patch and solve this, but many people who bought it abroad or used just lost their money.
Just stay away from the Motorola Milestone 2 and its camera blur problem, I wanted to get back to Android but this is not the handset for it.