Friday, August 26, 2011

Nokia update Symbian Belle

Nokia annouces a Symbian major update "Belle" and launches 3 new smartphones models, the Nokia 600, 700 and 701.

Before the  complete migration of all its mobile devices to Windows Phone 7,  Nokia redouble its efforts to achieve its goal of  commercializing over 150  million Symbian devices by 2015.

After the update Anna's mobile operating system introduced recently and the launch of the new models of Symbian smartphones, the Finnish manufacturer has unveiled a new version of its OS house.

Called "Symbian Belle", (a nice name, though)  the update of the mobile platform is a major one. It provides a more streamlined interface, inspired by Android, which offers up to six customizable home screens, with new widgets, and better a management.

Belle also extends the use of wireless technology NFC (Near Field Communications) introduced by Anna, and can use it to share pictures, videos, contacts with other NFC devices compatible.

I think it is a great effort from Nokia and that they are on the right way, what else could they do?
The new OS interface is really cute, as you can see on the video it is like a mixture of Android and Apple looking.
Now, the great next step would be to boost their developpers world.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nokia resurrection?

I am a Nokia fan, to me they are the best telephones in the world, but for the last 3 years I think they've missed something in the way to the smartphones market.
Stubbornly leaning on the Symbian OS didn't do good to their sales and production affairs.
The Executive Director of Finland's Nokia, the world's number one of mobile phones, announced the release of its new smartphone with Windows 7 Phone for the end of 2011 with mass production in 2012.

"We are increasingly confident that our first Windows 7 Phone model will be comming out before the end of the year, with mass production in 2012," said Stephen Elop, who was speaking at the show CommunicAsia Singapore , where Nokia is back after 10 year of absence.

Nevertheless the online Nokia store have been closed in Spain and France from may 2011, will they reopened them for the new Nokia?

On the other hand for the last month of June Ovi Store hits over 6 million download per day corresponding to Symbian phones software, how can one read such contradictory figures?

Image source:

I think they are on their way to find their way, will Windows 7 be their way?
Let's wait and see

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Making Wordpress work without htaccess

To make work Wordpress pretty permalinks structure you need htaccess on your site. htaccess is a file that is at the root of your web site to make the Apache rewrite mode work with structured url.
The default "ugly" Wordpress url looks like this:
To change this url structure to a prettiest one like this:
You need htaccess enabled, but sometimes your webhosting doesn't allow htaccess, so here is the fixing for it:
Connect to the wordpress-admin dashboard and go to Settings > Permalinks
Choose the custom structure option and fill the field with these values:


The trick here is adding the /index.php/ before the other parameters and that is telling the path info to take the index document (index.php) into consideration, this will make work Wordpress without htaccess.
Well, this this is an "almost" pretty solution to make work Wordpress without htaccess as you will always have the index.php in between your url path.
In fact if you are working in a serious site that is important to you it is better to consider a good webhosting with everything in it.
And you can always use blogger that has everything on it for free! lol

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is social networking good for SEO?

Yes indeed, social networking is good for increasing your visits, but do not rely only on it. Using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can increase your visits, but only quality will retain your visitors.
And think of it: social networking is a trend we don't really know how log will be high and on.
To keep social networking high you need to mantain a regular activity in social networking sites, I mean, you need to invest your time on it, be an active member, be connected twitting, clicking on I like buttons, posting messages on the wall ad so on, I would say: take social networking as a second activity, your primary one should be producing quality sites and SEO optimized sites most of all, this can take you to firsts search positions without all the social stuff.

People are still using forums, posting on forums and you can always post on forums and have your web site in the signature, but how long can last a Facebook page?
I've heard of some people complaining of having their Facebook pages suddenly closed.
So, social networking is good to increase your visits, but social networking for SEO is somethig else, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the result of good web pages, inline optimization, getting valuable natural backlinks and mostly good content that will be indexed by robots and social networking have nothing to do with it.
Keep on doing your good job and create sites that will interest people, the rest will come naturally on.