Friday, December 30, 2016

Fix Motorola G No Sound on Call

I bought a second hand Motorola G 1st generation as a spare phone, but the son during calls did not work. No one could hear me and the microphone seemed damaged and ready to be replaced. I heard the others throgh the speaker but with very bad quality.
When I plugged in the headphones everything worked fine. So I first proceeded to retire dust with a vacuum cleaner and nothing changed. Then I wiped cached partition and reset the phone and the problem was still there. I even though on sending to a repare service but it would have costed me more than the phone itself so I decided to clean the inside of the microphone with a needle.
As you can see the hole is very small and at first I went carefully perceiving some resisting thing that I though it was something from the device itself. I just decided to push a little bit more, just a little without forcing and boom! It works now. I did the same thing with the upper microphone, the noise-cancelling microphone next to the audio jack.
The fact that the microphe was stuck with dust seemed to affect all the audio during calls, the speaker and microphone. Once the microphone was clean the sound's speaker works nicely too during calls.

I just tried this fix with the Motorola G 1st generation but I don't think it would be a good idea to try something like that with a waterproof phone or a really expensive one. Well, microphone hole is really tiny and it is better to keep it out of dust and dirt.