Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How To Root HTC ONE X

 To root HTC One X you will need:
  • HTC One X
  • USB cable
  • Battery charged 100% full
  • Unlock Bootloader through HTC web
  • Recovery CLockWorkMod 
  • Nandroid Backup
  • The file SuperSu/Root
  • Your computer
  • Create a folder in your hard disc c:/fastboot

Remember that only you are responsible for any damage you do to your phone, so do it to your own risk.
Before you start do a backup of all data in your phone and then:

Step 1: Unlock the Bootloader

HTC One X Unlock Bootloader Screen
Enable USB debugging: Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging
(please check this post for HTC here, read the part to unlock the Bootloader, it is the same procedure for the HTC one, then come back here)

Step 2: Install Recovery CLockWorkMod

In your computer create the folder c:/fastboot

Donwload the file ( ) and copy it to the c:/fastboot folder

Remember this in the root of C: on you PC. The trick here is to rename the file into "recovery.img". Please note that sometimes you do not see the file extension , if it is so, just name it "recovery".

We open our command line window as follows:
On Windows XP - Click Start> Run> type cmd in box then press OK
On Windows 7 - Click Start> type cmd in search box then press Enter

Access fastboot mode

Turn off the smartphone and disconnect the USB cable from the PC, then take off the battery and put it back again and then:

-Hold down Volume Down Button and Power Button at the same time long enough to boot to HBOOT (it usually take 10 seconds).

Once you see the hboot menu you browse options with Volume + and Volume - and to select an option press the power button.

We must choose the menu "fastboot" and connect the phone to the computer, you will see now "fastboot USB" in red.

On the PC, in our command line window, we must position ourselves in the folder "C:/fastboot". (Just type on the command line cd c:/fastboot)

Now inside that folder type fastboot flash recovery.img Recovery

This process is very fast, and at the end it will display a short message which tells us that the process was successful.

If everything is all right we have flash a modified bootable Recovery which among other things will help us to MAKE OUR FIRST Nandroid BACKUP to prevent future problems.

Step: 3 Nandroid Backup

Now we are going to learn how to Nandroid Backup your phone so in case of problem we can restore the system to the point where it worked correctly.
Disconnect the phone from your computer, you will see in the screen "fastboot" instead of "fastboot USB".
Choose HBOOT and now we are in the main white screen, then choose Recovery, it may take some time.

You will see a black screen with a light blue menu, select: "Backup and restore" touching the screen with your finger, then select "Backup" and let the phone do a back up of the system.
HTC ONE X Recovery

Once it's finish press on go back and then reboot system now

How to Root the HTC ONE X

  1. Place the File SuperSU/Root you downloaded in the root folder of your phone. To do this connect the USB cable to the PC and choose "Disk drive" mode, so your computer can read it as an external drive and be able to handle files, transferring them from the computer to the phone and vice versa.
  2. Now we turn off the phone to put it in "Recovery" mode (Boot into Recovery from Bootloader).  First press for about ten seconds the button "Vol-" and without releasing the button we press and hold "power" until you see the black screen, then release the power button but keep holding the Vol -

    Once inside Recovery mode we will notice that the screen is black background with menus in blue, like you see it in the picture above. We will choose "install zip from sdcard" with your finger and then "choose zip from sdcard". We are in the directory on the SD Root phone.
  3. Look for the file scrolling through the screen with your finger and then select it with your finger too, then you will see many NO options, in our case, we choose the option that says YES and the screen will change to black background with white letters, we will see Recovery working, and when it is finished, return back to the Recovery screen where we see "reboot system now".
Select it to let the phone reboot normally.
Your HTC ONE X is rooted now!! Congratulations.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Converting PDF Files To Excel

Did you ever had to convert a PDF file into its original Excel version? Some peope save their Excel file into PDF format for security or printing layout issues.
But what if you need back the Excel version of the file to work on data?

I gave a try to and submitted a PDF with tabular data in it (it was an Excel file originally) so I uploaded to their site expecting to get and Excel to work back on. They also offer a desktop application (about 129$), so if your data is confidential your can transform it in your computer.

PDF to Excel
PDF File with Tabular data
Once converted, here is the Excel file:
So it maybe useful when you've got no access to the original Excel file, the only thing is that you need to enter your email address to donwload the converted file.