Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Nook Simple Touch After Rooting

My Nook Simple Touch is now a device which can read eBooks with Aldiko and write text with Jota Text Editor. But it was not an easy way because I could not make work Google Market. To root the Nook version 1.1 I followed the xda forum post and it worked after some reboots, and no android screen, then I realized that the there were no android screen at all and the reader was rooted.
Then Youtube did not work either, just Gmail.
Well, what do you expect to do with such an old device? And with an E-Ink screen you would not watch videos anyway. I managed to install olds apk applications through the ES File Explorer that was included in the rooting apps, here is what it works up to now:

  • jota-text-editor0.2.31.apk
  • aldiko-standard-2.00.081.apk
  • AlReader3Activity.apk

Well, these may not mean much but it is all that I need just to read and write on a E-Ink reader. If you read and write a lot you know that the backlit of computers, tablets and smartphones wear your eyes, so now I can even read on the web with the Opera Mini browser. With AIReader I can read mobi files too, after all we are here on Android 2. I downloaded the latest version of AIReader from Google Play and I should say that it is a wonderful light ever working application for reading many formats. I have donated, I like doing so when I really like something.
After rooting
After rooting you still have the old Nook software living together with the Buttons Saviour Menu from the rooting apps, floating on the right side of the screen. The screen remains always portrait oriented and gets on landscape when you change the settings with Aldiko or Jota Editor.
The next step is to connect a physical keyboard to type with, I am waiting for the cable adaptor that I have ordered.
And last but not least; battery on this thing lasts for ever.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

How To Unroot Nexus 5X and Fix Bootloop Soft Brick

I wanted to unroot my Nexus 5X with the Nexus Root Toolkit and ended up with a soft bricked phone with a: your device has loaded a different operating system message and after trying to reboot again the other message: your device is corrupted and cannot be trusted.
At some moment when the tool tried to flash the bootloader got locked and would not let finish the process, then the infinite loop started again.

It took me a few hours and a lot of patience to figure out how to solve this. I had downloaded a factory image from here: once I had extracted all files from the factory image I analyzed the flash-all.bat file and this is what I could see:

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-bullhead-bhz11h.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
ping -n 5 >nul
fastboot flash radio radio-bullhead-m8994f-
fastboot reboot-bootloader
ping -n 5 >nul
fastboot -w update

echo Press any key to exit...
pause >nul

Here is how I solved it, I opened a command line window where I had extracted the files. This will only work if you have adb installed, of course, if you do not have it you can download the And basically all I did was unlock the bootloader and execute the flashing instructions by hand omiting the fastboot reboot-bootloader part.

1. Connect the phone to the computer in fastboot mode.
2. Unlock the bootloader from the command line: fastboot oem unlock
3. Flash the factory image from the command line:

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-bullhead-bhz11h.img
fastboot flash radio radio-bullhead-m8994f-
fastboot -w update

Here is the video