Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to Convert a SATA HD into an External Drive

Convert an old HD from your laptop into an external unit is quite simple and cheap. You need to buy an enclosure with a SATA to USB adapter. In a few minutes you can have a great backup drive to store your photos or documents. The good part of it, is that it is recycling, easily done and very cheap, considering that an external drive can get up to 100 euros. This SATA external case costed me about 7 euros, with a cable and small phillips screw driver included.

External SATA USB case
The cable has two USB extensions: one for the data and the other for power suply.
To connect the adapter and put the drive into the external case it is incredibly simple.
How to plug a SATA HD into an external case
I replaced this old HD for a new SSD driver for my Mac Book which is working so well since then, so now I am using my home made external unit for backups.