Sunday, February 26, 2017

How To Fix Scratched Cell Phone Camera Lens

Well, first of all do not use nail cleaner as it is highly corrosive and will badly ruin the lens. Specially if the camera lens is made of plastic. This just will ruin your phone as I did with mine.

After this, pictures looked blurry, but I tried to find a solution, a way to polish back the lens to an acceptable state so it could take decent pictures again. I had to find something that polished plastic other than tooth paste, because I tried with tooth paste to recover it but did not work. Tooth paste was not strong enough to do it.

I tried several products to find that the best one was appliance cleaner, the kind used to polish stainless steel. But it took me some patience and for more than forty minutes I scrubed the lens gently with cotton dipped in this product. I put some scotch tape around it to prevent spills inside the phone.

This is the product I have used, a strong home cleaner with ammoniac:

The last five minutes I used tooth paste for a fine finish.
I took pictures and I saw some improvement, as you can see here.

 Nice! Well, tooth paste is also corrosive and you can damage the anti glare layer on the lens, but if there are many sctractes it may be good to use it.

Here is the phone camera back to life again!