Friday, July 25, 2014

Dismount HP Pavilion dm1 Keyboard

Instructions to clean or replace the HP Pavilion dm1 Keyboard

Remove the main back cover and then unscrew the five screws with the keyboard symbol as seen in this picture:
Lift the top part of the keyboard with a small screwdriver. Look for the leaning points and do it very gently.
Then pull from the top of the keyboard towards the screen.
Lift the keyboard a little bit only and you will see that it is pluged to the main board.
Unplug the keyboard from the main board by lifting up the black top holder piece. It does not come by pulling but the holder piece under the yellow tape in the main board should be lifted first.
There it is. As you can see this one was very dirty inside but after a good cleaning and brushing everywhere, specially the fan, everything worked fine!