Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beach Umbrella Repair with a Wire

Imagine a beautiful day on the beach and you are under your umbrella beach to protect you from the warming sun.
Then a strong gust of wind makes your umbrella beach comes appart, the wire pole breaks and all the spokes are loose. Your parasol looks like a big lettuce upside down.
Well, that's exactly what happened to me and I needed an urgent beach umbrella repair.
I only had my tool box with me and I needed a strong wire but I was in a holiday flat, so where to find it?

I looked around and then I saw a couple of cloth pegs and guess what? The wire was there, a really strong one!. I only had to take it off with my pliers and give it a round form to fit the beach umbrella pole.
Beach umbrella repaired with a wire

Well, it took me some time and a little bit of patience but I finally got my beach umbrella repaired and could continue to use it on the beach.:)