Monday, May 14, 2012

Debranding Motorola Defy

I've just got my Motorola Defy and I must say that it is a fantastic smartphone!
The phone is unlocked, the problem was just this stock rom by SFR (Vodafone in France).
I don't like stock rom or carrier applications and look on my phones I prefers to give the the look and
configuration that I like.

As a newbee I just had to do some look up and search to be sure what and how I was going to flash the new rom.

The stock rom installed was in android version 2.1 (eclair) and I must say that before anything you should back up all contacts and data, just in case. The flashing procedure will erase all the applications you've installed before.

So this is what you need:

* The Motorola drivers for windows
* The flashing tool RSDLite (I've used version 5.6)
* The unbranded rom Froyo 2.2.2 for Motorola

Here you can find a list of roms and tools from the xda- developpers forum:

And this is how you unbrand the Motorola Defy:

  • Install the drivers usb for Motorola and restart your computer. Connect the phone to the computer to finally install drivers
  • Turn off the phhone
  • Start RSDLite 4.7 or RSDLite 4.9
  • Turn on the phone in flashh mode (Power+Volume up at the same time)
  • conenct the phone to the computer it should be detected as OMAP 3630, if it doen't work restart your computer
  • With RSDLite select the sfb file as file name (it should be uncompressed before, you can use 7zip to do it)
  • Start
  • The new firmware ig going to be installed, do not interrup this process, otherwise you can brick the phone
  • The phone will reboot once the flash procedure will be finish.
  • Enjoy