Sunday, February 24, 2019

How to Watch TV on a Computer Screen or Monitor

As you may already know a computer monitor does not have a TV tuner in it, just because it is merely used to display the images from a computer, and most of them do not have a sound output either.
So you will need a tuner connected to an antenna to receive the local TV channels.
In my case I am using the TV tuner from Orange which is an Ultra HD decoder that comes with the Internet subscription, but a simple TNT decoder will do the job and they are really cheap.
As for the HDMI output from the TV tuner to the monitor I am using a cable DVD-I to HDMI because this is an old screen which have no HDMI input, but only a VGA and a DVD-I ones.

If your monitor have a VGA input and a DVD-I input too, it is better to use the DVD-I input, or at least, with the cable I had before, the VGA to HDMI  did not work. Just make sure that it is full HD compatible.

For the sound I had to find a more sophisticated solution because the TV tuner sound output is a RCA digital which is not compatible with the stereo jack 3.5 analog in my speakers
This sound converter needs to be powered through an USB cable and a charger and once all is plugged in, it works like a charm as you can see in this video.