Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is social networking good for SEO?

Yes indeed, social networking is good for increasing your visits, but do not rely only on it. Using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can increase your visits, but only quality will retain your visitors.
And think of it: social networking is a trend we don't really know how log will be high and on.
To keep social networking high you need to mantain a regular activity in social networking sites, I mean, you need to invest your time on it, be an active member, be connected twitting, clicking on I like buttons, posting messages on the wall ad so on, I would say: take social networking as a second activity, your primary one should be producing quality sites and SEO optimized sites most of all, this can take you to firsts search positions without all the social stuff.

People are still using forums, posting on forums and you can always post on forums and have your web site in the signature, but how long can last a Facebook page?
I've heard of some people complaining of having their Facebook pages suddenly closed.
So, social networking is good to increase your visits, but social networking for SEO is somethig else, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the result of good web pages, inline optimization, getting valuable natural backlinks and mostly good content that will be indexed by robots and social networking have nothing to do with it.
Keep on doing your good job and create sites that will interest people, the rest will come naturally on.


Anonymous said...

I would actullay say seo will die off before social media will. Google is slowly fazing out seo techniques and social media continues to grow. For the time being you need a good balance of both, but I wouldn't be surprised if in the future it's all blogs and social media.

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