Friday, August 26, 2011

Nokia update Symbian Belle

Nokia annouces a Symbian major update "Belle" and launches 3 new smartphones models, the Nokia 600, 700 and 701.

Before the  complete migration of all its mobile devices to Windows Phone 7,  Nokia redouble its efforts to achieve its goal of  commercializing over 150  million Symbian devices by 2015.

After the update Anna's mobile operating system introduced recently and the launch of the new models of Symbian smartphones, the Finnish manufacturer has unveiled a new version of its OS house.

Called "Symbian Belle", (a nice name, though)  the update of the mobile platform is a major one. It provides a more streamlined interface, inspired by Android, which offers up to six customizable home screens, with new widgets, and better a management.

Belle also extends the use of wireless technology NFC (Near Field Communications) introduced by Anna, and can use it to share pictures, videos, contacts with other NFC devices compatible.

I think it is a great effort from Nokia and that they are on the right way, what else could they do?
The new OS interface is really cute, as you can see on the video it is like a mixture of Android and Apple looking.
Now, the great next step would be to boost their developpers world.


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