Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fixing my Peugeot 306 window

Well, the mechanism that opens or close the window didn't work.
So, I've opened the door and dissasembled the connection between the door and the car, I unplugged the wires as you can see here:

The contacts were green (dirty) and the rubber cover broken

Well, I've cleand everything up with an electronic cleaner spray, then repaired the gap with silicone.
And yes! it worked!
I've saved at least 200 euros: lol


Orestis said...

Some more useful tips:
It seems that 306s have a bad habit of cutting these wires, due to the constant opening and closing of the driver's (usually) door.Mine had 4 of them cut, exactly at the edge of the plug (so, no easy insulating tape patch). The solutions are many, including getting the plugs off and directly running wires into the door. What I did was dig a little deeper into the plastic in the back side of the plug, solder the wires adding about 10-15cm of wire to each one (so they wouldn't be strained again), using heat shrinking insulation on each wire. Then I carefully wrapped them all up with insulation tape and pushed the excess cable into the pillar of the car. Afterwards, I just plugged into the socket of the door and voila! All electrics functional!

storiesofmaria said...

Yes, Orestis, the 306's weak point is these wires, thankfully those money saver reparations stay and work all the time.
I've tried to read your blog, but it is in greek, what's your blog about?

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