Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disassembling Sony Ericsson C510

I had to dissasemble my Sony Ericsson C510. There was a reception problem and I couldn't get any call, it was like the network was gone.
In fact, there was no network signal at all. Here you can see all the different pieces:

I've sprayed it with contact cleaner and once I've assembled everything, it works perfectly! The problem was that the little cable down to the antenna (the smal piece you can see on the bottom left corner) was unplugged, so all I had to do was to plug it back on!

The reception has boosted and I get a strong signal even when I am in a elevator!

Well contact cleaner went through too much, even here:

Beside the lcd screen, and now there are some marks on the screen, the cell phone works perfectly though!

So if you are going to use the contact cleaner spray, spray only a little bit and be careful and only spray where needed, those parts that cannot be damaged, like circuits, but mostly do not spray the LCD screen!

After all the electronic contact cleaner is a powerfull chimical product.
My C510 keeps on working anyway ;-)


Anonymous said...

So, there wasnt any spray needed at all actually, couse the cable on your phone wasnt connected.
I did the same thing, my signal didn't get any better, my cable is not loose, its the damn phone that sucks. but i love the phone anyway.

Maria M. Olivares said...

You may need to replace the antenna, I hope it works for you.

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