Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ferrite bead, ferrite core to improve DSL

 I'm having so many connection problems, with my DSL box rebooting all the time I'm loosing connection strength, I had both a France Telecom and the DSL provider technicians toghether, but no way.
So, I'm figuring out how to solve this all by myself ;)
I'm going to try with those ferrite beads or ferrite core , here's how it looks:

Ferrite opened:

 Then you wire you cable once and close it, it looks like this:

I will keep you informed!


Anonymous said...

did it work ?

storiesofmaria said...

Well the ferrite bid didn't solve the connection problems as it was a Telecom main street socket that didn't work and they had it changed.
Anyway, a ferrite bid improves connection strength for long cables.

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