Friday, April 29, 2011

Nokia 2710 review

I've just got my new Nokia 2710 navigation edition, here's the look of it:

It is a fair nice phone for for a very low price.

And it is got integrated GPS that works quite well.
The GPS maps can be updated for free and the GPS feature is free for life! You just got to sign in for an OVI account and install the sotfware, you can install maps for almost every country in the world.

The screen is very clear and sharp.
It has a 2M camera for photos and videos.
The memory can be extended through a Micro SD card.
I've upgraded to a faster Micro SD card and the GPS maps load quite fast!
In general when you upgrade the Micro SD card if you get a good fast one, everything in the phone will work faster too!
Photo and video quality are acceptable, but not the greatest, and one of the greatest things for me is the standard 3.5mm jack, so you can directly plug in your favourite stereo headsets, and the standard micro USB to connect it to your PC.
The battery stands for days.. this feature alogn with the worldwide GPS makes the Nokia 2710 a fantastic phone for travellers!

I've just found a little problem: the speaker volume is very low. This can be a real drawback, if someone calls you and you're on a loud street you wont hear anything.
I've just solved the low volume problem with the Equalizator program by settings the sound more high pitched, and also by activating the extended stereo feature.
When setting the Equalizer it works very well by setting all the high and low pitched sound values to their maximum the equalizer parameters should look like a V, and so the speaker volume is really increased.


extended battery said...

I have now this phone, the battery life is good, the extended battery life enable us to use the gps for a long time, i love the camera, only 2MP but give the result is more that can be expected.

storiesofmaria said...

Yes indeed, the Nokia 2710 GPS is fantastic. I'm expecting a new Nokia now with GPS too and a 3MP camera. Photo quality is important to me, I will post a review as soon as I get it!

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