Sunday, July 3, 2011

Future Cell Phone Technology

I was just thinking, where would be the next step of a future cell phone technology?
Because nowdays the cell phone technology is too marketing oriented. One of the reasons why I've decided to never get an Iphone it is because the first thing you've to do with it is to insert your credit card data!
Well, not everything is in credit card and touch screen, Steven Jobs is too confident, he wants to monopolize the cell phone world!

But, what would it make a real future cell phone technology, a real revolution?
What would you spect from a phone, what new features that you don't have today?
Wouldn't you like to have an holographic projection of your loved ones, for example?
Let's say you would like to talk to your dear one, if you could see her in an 3D holographic proyection wouldn't it be that nice?

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We want original features now, everybody likes Wifi, 3G, high speed surfing, and all but it is not new, you know, things like facebook are trends and they will pass away.

Can you imagine a 3D holographic proyection from your mobile phone in your product presentation?
Can you imagine being far away and seeing and talking to your children through an 3D proyection?
Why they don't develop holographic proyection for the future cell phone technology? It is already invented.

Which other feature would you like?
Maybe full command voice operated cell phones?
Direct translation feature? For example, let's say you speak french, the direct translation feature will say a direct translation of your words in english;
Too much for future cell phone technology?

What do you think?


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