Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ubuntu 10: window buttons to the right

One more thing with Ubuntu 10: windows buttons are on the left instead of the right trying to imitate the Apple style.
I prefer the buttons to the right for a simple reason: the window title is the first thing you see to the left and the whole window top space is so much better optimized. I really hope they revert this: hey people from Canonical do not micmick Apple stuff, please, keep on thinking about users as before!

 I had to do some search to find how to change this one and here is the trick:

> Press ALT+F2 button to launch the Run application window
> Type gconf-editor

Navigate to Apps -> Metacity -> General
Double click on button_layout, values are: close,minimize,maximize:
Change values to menu:close,minimize,maximize
Well, I did mine to menu:minimize,maximize,close

To get the close control all to the right
That makes it easy if use both Windows and Linux regurlaly


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