Sunday, March 4, 2012

Disassemble iphone 4

I've got this iphone 4 water damaged for repair. I've found this Apple item too fragile, if you drop it into the water your phone is dead!

Well, here is how I've disassemble this iphone 4:

First I unscrewed the two bottom screws and took off the back cover:

The inside of the iphone looked like this, you can see the white spot (water detector) next to the batery connector, when is alright is usually red, but if your phone gets wet it will turn white:
I've tried the well know tip:  put it in a rice bag and leave it. The rice will absorb all humidity and the phone will work after some time:
 This didn't work as the iphone was wet log time before it got to my hands and was also disassembled by somebody, so I continued to disassemble it to see if I coud fix it:
I've found very useful the disassemble chart, it helps you keep all pieces organized so you can assemble easily later (I've forgot where I downloaded from, I think it is from the irevive site, you can donwload it from there.

When I've finally got to the logic board

I've cleaned every thing carefully with contact cleaner liquid. I've waited for one hour and put everything back again.

Well, the iphone didn't turn on, at least I've learn how to disassemble an iphone 4, and that you shouldn't let it fall into the water


Sami Kemppi said...

Water damage is really a big problem for iPhone,It is really hard to fix.But still you got a very nice guide for this.Thanks for sharing.

storiesofmaria said...

Yes, the the disassemble chart was a real help as there are so many different screw sizes.

Blackberry Repair said...

My iPhone was dropped by my 2 year son in the bath tub after read your iPhone 4 water damage repair techniques i will repair my iPhone by my self. Thanks

Jesse said...

Here is the chart:

storiesofmaria said...

Thank you for the link to the chart.
I've found that it is very hard to repair water damaged phones. There are changes only when you clean it right away.
Did you repair yours?

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