Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Flash Back Gingerbread 2.3.6

Yes I had flashed the fantastic Android 4 Ice Cream  Custom Rom, but I had lost some good things like FM radio and now I've recovered all.
So, here is how I've flashed back with Odin

Frist I've got a stock rom from:
I've downloaded one rom not suitable for Kies, the Open Europe this rom is unbranded, no carrier applications or layer, but you should really check for the one that fits your country.

Unzip custom files and open Odin, choose the files this way:




Then turn off the phone and start it in download mode by pressing buttons (Volume down + power + home button) at the same time, you will see very quickly a yellow robot, let go buttons and connect the smartphone to your PC

Here you can see Odin with selected files and phone detected, the first field COM should be yellow:
Then press Start and go!
That's it!

If you don't like Samsung apps like Thinkfree Office you can uninstall them with Titanium Backup and you must previously root the phone


  1. Thanks for your post very helpful. Any ideas on how this process should take?


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