Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Xperia U How to Disable Illumination Bar

I've got my new Sony Ericcson Xperia U yesterday and it is really a fantastic phone. The illumination bar on the bottom can be annoying at times, specially if you don't want to get all that attention all the time.
I've tested a few applications in order to disable the bar led illumination, and here is the only one that has worked for me (Screen Filter):
Just make sure that you uncheck "Enable soft-key bakclight" and that will disable the led  bottom bar.

Nevertheles this will not desactivate all led notifications, you will still get notifications while browsing pictures or watching videos, but all the other notifications will dissapear.


Anonymous said...

Great , thanks

Anonymous said...

superb.. thank youvery much

Anonymous said...

How can i disable the led bottom bar.I hate that lights whenever am operating the phone

storiesofmaria said...

Hi, please read this post that shows how to permanently turn the bottom bar forever. But do it to your own responsability:

vikaschowdhury said...

Use NightMode instead its excellent and it e1 works wen u actly want to use Illumination Bar Notification App so d lite will only glow during notification dats want most of the user need i guess

Maria M. Olivares said...

I think I've tried that one too, but it seems to me that it modified my screen brightness configuration which I didn't like.
Well, now I've got another smartphone ;)

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