Saturday, December 8, 2012

Xperia U Turn Off Led For Ever

Do you want to turn off the notification bar of your Xperia U for ever?
I personally don’t like because it is batery consuming, but there is no way back if you do it, so please take this into consideration before you begin.
The trick is to erase all themes from the phone and so the leds are always off because there is no theme to control them. But as I said once you delete them there is no way to go back and leds will not turn on anymore.
Well, they will light up on photo gallery and music yes.

Let’s start, please remember that only you are responsible for any damage you do to your phone.

  • Xperia U rooted
  • ES File explorer:
  • Busy box:
  • LEDs U  CTRL:

  1. Launch LEDs U CONTROL and select Always OFF
  2. Open ES file explorer select menu options (right down button on your phone) and go to settings > root settings and check everything: Root explore,Up to root, Mount file system, Back up system app
  3. With ES File Explorer go to /system/vendor/overlay/framework and delete every theme file one by one
  4. Uninstall LEDs U CTRL

That’s it your Xperia U with leds turn off for ever:

Source that helped me with this:


Simon Bond said...

Why the hell would you get a phone with a big LED bar on it just to turn it off?! It uses practically no battery at all...never seen it show up in the battery consumption and neither has the developer of Illumination Bar Notification!

storiesofmaria said...

Hi Simon,
Some like the elegance and size of this phone, but not the led light. That's why.

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