Saturday, October 18, 2014

Repair TV LG Plasma Screen no Power

This is a fix for the LG TV Plasma model 3500 and it will work for many other TV models. The screen tooks longer to turn on until it went completely off. I tried the hair drier trick that worked every now and then but it was getting worse anyway and it needed a fix.
When the TV screen does not turn on it is 90% because of a power supply board problem. It may be the capacitors, or not.
I took the cover off and there you can see the supply board on the left hooked to the main board.

When I examined closely the supply board the capacitors were all right, so I turned the board around and repaired all the bad welds, there were seven or eight that looked bad. I really had a hard time with my soldering iron as it took about 5 minutes to heat every spot, I think it may be a faulty one but it did the job anyway and we can enjoy our TV back.
This TV costed about 500 euros 4 years ago and to repair it today it has only costd me a few drops of soldering tin. And patience :) I am glad it works know and I wonder how many things people throw away because they don't know it can be repaired easily.

You can see all the details in my video:

Update on Oct-2016 : I had to go through some welding points again, two years later, as the problem with power on came back, the screen did not turn on. I have got a much better soldering iron this time, and wonder: it is working back again.


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