Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mandriva Free 2010

Just installed Mandriva Free 2010. I wanted to test other Linux system than Ubuntu. Why always Ubuntu after all?
Well I am greatly impressed by the ergonomy of this systems.

I only had to install the firmware ipw2200 which I simply did by clicking on the rpm file, then restarted.

I'm posting here somme useful commands,


To install a package:

urpmi nameofpackage


urpme nameofpackage

Both urpmi and urpme install and desintall packages with dependances.

Well, dare to change!


Anonymous said...

Yes but, is there good forums for Mandriva community?

storiesofmaria said...

Yes, there are good forums for Mandriva community, but nothing like Ubuntu, :) I think I will be back to it..

ana said...

I was looking for a good advice on Mandriva.. now I see the best option is Ubuntu, thanks!

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