Friday, February 4, 2011

Debranding Sony Ericsson c510

How to debrand the phone Sony Ericsson c510. I didn't like the Vodafone customisation, so after several tests and trials I've found the best way to do it.

You will need these files:

  • The main and fs files
  • A custom pack, that you should NOT unzip. The custom pack has important data from your country phone providers

The tool a2uploader (See image here:).

I've used the R1FA035 files version for the c510, not the latest which have RECEPTION problems.

So basically you will:

  1. First flash the Main and FS files
  2. Then update customs files with a2uploader (In ZIP format)

In detail:

1.Open the main and add fs files with a2uploader. Click on flash.

2.Your phone is turned OFF. Hold on "C" and plug it, the flashing process will start...

(IMPORTANT: your battery should be fully charged)

3.When it is done, unplug the phone, take the battery out and reinsert it

4. Now lets customize the phone, or finalize it.

5. Press on fileSystem and navigate in your phone to tpa > preset> custom and there upload your custom

pack in zip format.

6. Once it is uploaded, press the Shutdown button. Disconnect, take out the battery, reinsert it and turn
your phone on.

NOTE: you must get the firmware(FS + MAIN) and Custom from either 4shared, topsony,, etc.


Anonymous said...

my software is corrupted. i have the pc companion and the update engine but it says i have the latest software. How do i delete the present software or firmware? plz help

storiesofmaria said...

you cannot delete sofware only re-flash, get the good firmware files and try again.
This tutorial is to debrand your phone with a2uploader tool.
However this is always delicate, do it to your own risk.

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