Sunday, February 13, 2011

Starting from Zero

I've set up for my new web site at the beginning of january.
I decided to take things seriously and work hard on my site.
I followed all those well known tips to increase visits on your web site and the first month I've got 300 visits mostly following these counsels:
  1. Optimize your web site for SEO
  2. Create quality and original content at least twice a week
  3. Build backlinks and comments to blogs everyday
And I would add these:
  • Be patient
  • Work hard everyday
I check everyday on the semrush tool to look upon my keywords position ad today I saw  my first good results! I get more keywords positioned and more Google search values, meaning that more users find my site throug the search engines!

A litte bit of hardwork and patience, that's all!

Update from Oct-2013: Please follow the latest guidelines for Webmasters from Google to build sites with confidence;
Up to now the only thing I know that wors it's to write good original content and give good values to your customers/visitors.


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