Sunday, July 29, 2012

SEO The Natural Way

Some have gone too far with SEO tips and tricks and now it is too late. Some even paid big amounts of money for SEO services and optimisation to find that their site had been penalized or retired from Google search results for SEO practises abuse.

Some have invaded the web with lots of worthless material, created blogs or even blogs chains to build a link schema to try to trick search results. All of this practises are unfair to the users, what is the use to get a blog to the top positions if it has gor nothing of value to offert?

So, now, what should webmasters and owners do to reach good search result positions?
First stay away from backlinking schemas, overdose of keywords density and any other non natural tricks.
Keep it natural, write good content, socialize and promote your blog and see grow your blog authority.
Work consistently and time will do the rest.


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