Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Create a Mobile Site with Drupal 6

You can have your mobile site version with Drupal 6 real fast without programming. The Drupal module Mobile Tools will do everything you need.

Step 1: Create a subdomain of your site

Go to your domain hosting panel and create a subdomain of yous site:
You may have to wait a few hours, to know if your subdomain is active open a command line window and type:
ping my.website.com
if you see packet returns then your subdomain is active.

Step 2: Install Drupal 6 Mobile Tools and a theme for mobiles

Install a Drupal 6 theme for mobile
Goto: http://drupal.org/project/mobile_tools and follow instructions to install the Mobile Tools module. Active it in Drupal modules list.

Automatic redirecting

Go to <your web site>/admin/settings/mobile-tools and configure the automatic redirect
Whenever somebody is browsing your site with a mobile device your www.website.com url will be redirected to the m.website.com

Mobile Theme Switching

And now configure the theme that will be shown on a mobile device browser:

Go to: <your web site>/admin/settings/mobile-tools/theme-switching

And that's all, there is nothing else to do, whenever you browse our site with a mobile device it will work right away and you will see the mobile theme version with you original content!


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