Saturday, August 4, 2012

Solving Wifi Problems with Orange DSL

I had this long time problem: could not connect my IBM T42 to the Orange DSL via Wi-Fi.
I tried all the possible Wi-Fi configuration through the admin panel when this idea came to my mind:
Try the little Wireless adapter 802.11g, and it works!
I've just paid 7 euros for this adapter and it solved my problem.
Well, where was the problem?

My IBM T42 laptop has a Wi-Fi adapter with 802.11b working standards, I've tested my laptop everywhere and the Wi-Fi connection worked fine, but at home I had to use a R45 cable to connect to the Internet.

The Orange DSL has a Wi-Fi standard more recent than the standard of the Wi-Fi card on my laptop, even if the Orange admin dashboard you could select b/g or b/g/n, only g is working.

What is the difference between the 802.11b and 802.11g standards?

Wi-Fi Networking Standards Year




Up to 11 Mbps


Up to 54 Mbps

Well, these speed values are theorethical figures which represents an ideal maximum only.
Usually, both standards are compatible but if you've got a router with 802.11g, and two computers conected one with a  802.11b adapter and the other with a 802.11g, the performance of the 802.11g may slow down to the 802.11b speed.
So it is better to have the same network standard with both the router and the clients.


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