Saturday, March 23, 2013

Turn Vim Into WriteRoom

You know that WriteRoom is a software that is made to help you write distraction free. But the thing is that it only exists for Mac, which is not my world really.
I use Vim for writing instead :) and I've managed to tweak it and fashion it so I've got all I need for writing.
The only feature I haven't got yes it's full screen mode, I know there is a plugin for it but I haven't make it work under Windows yet.

Well, the first thing is to install Vim, that you can download from: once you've got Vim you need the vimroom plugin installed.

Vimroom will make the text centered, like having a left margin and a right margin to make reading and writing easy on your eyes.

So download Vimroom from:
To install the plugin is really easy, just copy the vimroom.vim file under the plugin folder of your Vim installation.

Then to make vimroom work open your vimrc file to set up configuration and add these lines:

" vimroom configuration
set nonumber                      " No line numbering
set foldcolumn=4                  " Add a left margin
highlight! link FoldColumn Normal " Make it the background colour
set wrapmargin=8                  " Add a right margin, sort of

Well, here is the look of it:

I've also added a few lines to get green text on a dark backgound (easy on your eyes too):

" Set nice colors
highlight Normal guifg=#00ff00
highlight Normal guibg=#000000

" cursor magenta
hi Cursor    guibg=magenta gui=none

If you'd like to have another foreground color, let's say golden, just replace #00ff00 by #d0a000 and that's it.
As an extra, I've also got spelling checker, in this case is Spanish, which works quite well and consolas font:

" font
set guifont=Consolas:h12:cDEFAULT

" Spanish spell checker
:setlocal spell spelllang=es


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