Saturday, March 16, 2013

Turn Your HTC Desire S into a Microscope

You can turn your HTC Desire S into a microscope with a drop of water and it works!

I just woke up today with the idea: hey! what if I turn my HTC into a microscope?. So I just put a tiny drop of water on the camera lens using a dropper I made sure that the water drop was right in the middle of the camera's lens because the drop is smaller than the lens.
Also if the drop is too big it falls down when you turn the phone, so patience.
Once I got the water's drop right size and turn my phone I took these pictures:

My hand:
HTC Desire S Microscope my hand's skin detail
My hand's skin detail
And here is an image of one of my hairs:
HTC Desire S Microscope picture one hair
One hair under the HTC microscope
A part of a little flower:
HTC Desire S Microscope a small flower leave
A small flower microscope size
The same little flower before the microscope transformation:
HTC Desire S Microscope small flower in normal size
The same small flower in normal size

The hardest part was trying to hold the phone still because the slightest movement produced flurry pictures and the water drop moved too!
I've heard of small ball lens which are very cheap (under $10) that you can attach to the camera lens to get the same effect, I will let you know how it works if I can get one.
Well, for now it is fantastic with water and absolutely free.

What do you think? Will you try?
if so, remember: just a tiny drop otherwise you can damage your HTC. I think it may work with other smarthphones too, just try.


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