Friday, November 15, 2013

Chinese New Year In Paris

If there is town to find the celebration of Chinese new year in Paris, that it is the 13th arrondissement known as the Chinatown by excellence. 30,000 people from China and many other asian countries live here.
Like every year, the 13th offers you a parade that will bring together thousands of people from every where.

What is the Chinese New Year Celebration

The celebration of the Chinese new year is, originally, the feast of the winter solstice, which marked the end of this period of extreme cold and the upcoming beautiful days.
This festival dates back from ancient times and, at the time, was especially celebrated by farmers.
Eating together at new year's Eve symbolizes the meeting of the family, prosperity, happiness and health.
 In General, round foods bring happiness and symbolize eternity. This is the reason why raviolis they are abundantly served in times of feast.
 Fire is an essential element of the new chinese new year. Why? To hunt demons and evil spirits. For this reason the Chinese like to throw firecrackers or even grandiose Fireworks. Sound and light are the best ways to keep evil away.

 So we took the metro, the Paris underground that works so well, and got off at Place d'Italie. We were immediately overwhelmed by sounds and colors, specially red, the color of happiness, luck and prosperity!
 The main characters of the parade are the dragons as you can see:

Dragons are the stars today!

And children too!
Next chinese new year will start on January 31st, a nice opportunity to pass by if you are on vacation!


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