Saturday, November 9, 2013

MacBook Pro Early 2008 Upgrade SSD

I'm upgrading the MacBook Pro with a SSD drive, Crucial M4 SSD 256Gb, so here is how to do it, sept by step.
Here are the tools and the SSD drive:

You will need a Phillips 00 Screwdriver and a Torx T6 Screwdriver. This SSD driver is 9.5 mm thick, but you can install a 7 mm one with an adapter.
First of all remove the battery.

 Then the phillips screws from the memory door.  Lift the memory door and pull from it gently.
Then remove the two phillips screws inside the battery compartment.
Now remove the two torx by the sides of the RAM slot. Remove also the four phillips screws along the hinge.
Remove the four Phillips screws on this side, they are very small (3.2mm)
Remove the two small Phillips screws from the back.

Then remove four more on this side.

Lift the upper case very slowly, do not pull from it as there is a ribbon cable connected to the logic board, just free the sides ver gently. There are four plastic clips over the DVD slot which make difficult to retire the uppercase, just go slow, take your time and do not force anything.
I've finally used this plastic tool to do it.

There is our MacBook Pro open! You can see the hard drive on the bottom left corner. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the logic board.

This orange ribbon cable was really glued to the hard drive, I had to use my credit card to loose as carefully as possible.
Unscrew the bracket that holds the hard drive (Two Torx screws)
Remove the bracket now.
To remove the hard drive you have to pull it a little bit to the right.
Then disconnect the hard drive cable, wow!
Transfer the screws to the new SSD drive, I did it wrong the first time and had to turn it upside down to plug it properly.
Wow, I made it! And my MacBook Pro Early 2008 works great with this upgrade!


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