Saturday, November 9, 2013

Windows User Macbook Switcher Experiences

I was a Windows user and I'd like to share with you my Macbook experiences. I've just got a wonderful present: a Macbook pro Early 2008 A1260.
I must say that I am really happy with it and at the same time nostalgic of my old IBM T42 which has accompanied me so faithfully all these years.

Windows vs Macbook Pro Keyboard

Equivalent keys and shortcuts

FunctionWindowsMacbook Pro
Take cursor to the first positionStart (Home)Fn + left arrow
Take cursor to the last positionEndFn + right arrow
DeleteDeleteFn + Backspace
Ctrl + Alt + DelCmd + Alt + Esc
Print screen (picture will appear on your desktop)Print screenCmd + Shift + 3

Installing & uninstalling applications

Install an application: Drag it to the App folder Uninstall an application: Drag it to the Trash

Go to desktop

Another handy Windows function is the desktop feature: you click on the desktop icon and there you are! From now on you will use F11


Will show all your open windows at once, here are the default values: View all windows (F9), View windows from a certain application (F10), See the desktop (F11). See dashboard (F12)

Upgrading OS to Mavericks

As you can see in this video the performance is not good:

So I think that after upgrading the MacBook to SSD drive I'm going to downgrade software back to Snow Leopard.
Quite great Windows user Macbook switcher experiences!


Juanhellou said...

How did you manage to install Mavericks onto Macbook early 2008? I'm intrigued. Could you explain?

Maria M. Olivares said...

Hi Juan,

I just installed Snow Leopard first and then updated to the free Maverics OS.

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